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Sweet, sexy, sensational Strawberry Moscato!

Proud parents Josh and Zoe would love to announce the arrival of....a brand new wine to the Ohana Family! Meet, Strawberry Moscato!

Hand holding bottle of pink strawberry moscato wine on a white background

This sweeter style wine is handcrafted from local Bundaberg Strawberries and moscato grape juice. The gentle bubbles complement the balanced sweetness perfectly - creating the ultimate afternoon wine.

A few weeks ago, we headed out to Dangleberry Farms - a 50 acre strawberry farm on the outskirts of Bundaberg to pick up around half a tonne of beautifully ripe, plump, juicy strawberries.

A big pile of fresh ripe red strawberries
Fresh from Dangleberry Farms in Bundaberg!

After crushing and pressing these beautiful Bundaberg berries, we gently fermented the fresh strawberry juice with muscat grape juice to produce this beautifully balanced blend.

The fermentation took around two weeks, with lots of monitoring and taste testing along the way. After some filtration and a little extra carbonation, it was ready to bottle.

We've had the Strawberry Moscato available for tasting at the cellar door for a little over a week now, and the response has been amazing. We've had comments along the lines of

"Oh my God, this is hands down the best wine I've ever tasted"


"I better buy two bottles, because I know one won't be enough!"

We're so thrilled people are loving this new baby as much as we are!

For now, we have plenty of bottles available - although we will definitely be making another batch or two before the end of strawberry season!

You can purchase the Strawberry Moscato wine online through our online shop and have it delivered straight to your door. You can also pop into the cellar door to have a taste and buy while you're there! (If you're interested in buying a case of 12, send us a message and we can sort you out with an extra special deal!)

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