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Mango Madness

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Nothing screams Queensland summer more than one thing - sweet, juicy, delicious MANGOES!

One thing we miss about our farm property is all the beautiful fresh fruit right in our backyard. Nothing was more satisfying than watching little baby fruits appear from flowers, growing, and growing, getting ripe and juicy, protecting them from the birds and bats, before finally picking and savouring.

We had 5 or 6 enormous mango trees on the farm and we all loved tucking into the first season KP's, followed by the gigantic R2E2's later in Feburary. Nothing beats a tree ripened mango....except for maybe one thing...

Our Mango Moscato!

Hand holding bottle of mango wine

Our first batch of Mango Moscato sold out within a matter of weeks when we first released it around Christmas-time. Our second batch is just days away from being bottled and we can't wait!

To make this delicious wine, firstly fresh Queensland mangoes are blended with Muscat grape juice to form a deliciously fruity base. We add our yeast and the fermentation is started. We like to control the fermentation temperature at around 16 degrees - this ensures the lovely mango aromas are retained and the yeast is happy and healthy.

The fermentation on our Mango Moscato is a little slower than most of our products, due to the thick and fibrous mango flesh.

After the fermentation period is complete, we do a short fining and filtration before a gentle carbonation. When the wine is bubbly enough and tasting delicious, we adjust our cider bottling machine for the larger sized wine bottles and bottle it up.

Our Mango Moscato is everything you think it would be. Sweet, but not over-the-top, fruity but fresh and just oozing with mango-ey goodness.

Pop into the cellar door for a taste or purchase your bottles online and we will ship them straight to your door.

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