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Gin for the Win!

We make a whole range of exciting small batch cider, inspired by the local ingredients we grow in beautiful Bundaberg, and by what is trending globally.

One of our more recent creations is our GIN CIDER.

Wait, what? Gin, in a cider?


Well, sort of.

For this exciting brew, we gather a whole heap of classic gin botanicals (think Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Orris Root, Cinnamon, Orange peel....and a few other secrets) to ferment in with our apple cider base.

The result is a delicious 'gin inspired' apple cider! Imagine a gin cocktail, with apple as the base instead of your more typical Tonic or Soda. It's surprisingly moorish - you keep going back for another sip tasting new flavours every time.

As with all our small batch ciders, our Gin Cider won't be here for a long time! We only ever make a keg or two, so it's definitely a case of 'get it while we've got it'. If this sounds like you - you can order a 750ml bottle or two online or pop into the cellar door.

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