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About Us

In the cold, wintery July of 2014, two crazy kids (Josh and Zoe) went on a holiday to Hawaii where they fell in love with the weather and tropical lifestyle. Arriving back in Perth a month later, a little seed was planted..."Perhaps there is something more to life than working behind a desk...?" they thought.

After looking online, they saw a property for sale in Childers, Queensland. "I wonder what's wrong with it!?" they laughed. "Let's go check it out". Two days later, their plane tickets were booked and they were on their way.

They fell in love. Sure, it was a little rough around the edges, but with a bit of TLC this little winery and orchard could be turned into something amazing, so they put in an offer and it was accepted. These two crazy kids were now winery owners!

They decided to rename the winery "Ohana Winery". Ohana is the Hawaiian word for 'friends and family' - a fitting tribute to the friends and family that helped make their dream come true.

A few years after that, Cheeky Tiki Cider was born. Now, as an award-winning wine maker, Josh turned his hand to cidermaking. Following the same principles of making a high-quality fruit wine, Josh devotes his time and care to crafting his small-batch ciders. The leap into cider-making has been a fun one for Josh and Zoe. It has given them the opportunity to stretch their creativity and talent to a new industry, and has opened up a whole new customer base.

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Meet The Team
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Josh is the man behind every single product at Ohana. He is meticulous in his approach to winemaking, crafting each product to perfection. You'll often see him working away in the background, gettin' jobs done. 

Favourite product: Orange and Ginger Cider



Zoe is the face of Ohana. When you call, email or visit the cellar door, chances are she will be the one to greet you. Her passion is to ensure every guest has a fabulous visit and learns a little more about the beautiful Bundaberg region. 

Favourite product: Passionfruit Cider

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Von is Josh's mum, and the super-star all rounder at Ohana. Whenever Josh and Zoe need to attend festivals, meetings or sneak off on a cheeky holiday Von is there to share the love at the cellar door. 

Favourite product: Pineapple Cider

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Sean is our brand ambassador, based in the Sunshine Coast. You'll find him sharing the Cheeky Tiki love throughout South East Queensland and pouring pints at festivals. 

Favourite product: Dry Apple Cider

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Otto loves welcoming everyone with a friendly woof on the days he's at the cellar door. He is especially fond of belly rubs and bum scratches. 

Favourite product: Tidbits from cheese platters

About Us
Meet the Team
About our ciders

In a world dominated by fake ciders made from imported apple concentrates, Cheeky Tiki is a boutique cider range that is a 100% Australia grown and made. It is one of the first naturally made ciders in Queensland, and our mission is simple – Real Fruit, Real Flavour = Real Cider


The core range includes; Dry and Sweet apple cider, Pineapple cider and Passionfruit cider. All the fruit is locally sourced - Bundaberg farmers provide us with Passionfruit, Ginger, Oranges (and more), whilst Nicoletti Orchards in Stanthorpe provides us with the most important ingredient…delicious fresh apples.


Every month apples are trucked up to the cidery in Bundaberg, where the Cheeky Tiki cider making process begins…

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About our wines

Ohana Winery all started on a small tropical fruit orchard in Childers, QLD. We thought “since the Bundaberg region grows an abundance of delicious tropical fruits, why not make wine with them?”..and so we did!


The Ohana wine range is made using locally sourced fruits and traditional winemaking techniques, and they are not the sickly sweet products people often think they will be. No artificial flavours are added, it is simply naturally fermented fruit, that tastes just like eating the fresh fruit.  


The core range includes; Strawberry Moscato, Mango Moscato, Cold Drip Coffee liqueur and a Jaboticaba Port.

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